Developing with a Low-Code means that with a minimal amount of time, developers can design and deliver software in a fast pace. There are two ways of developing software: the good way and the bad way! Low-Code will boost a good developers skills and will allow to deliver faster. If development skills are limited, Low-Code will still guarantee the ability to deliver killer apps!
OutSystems is one of the Low-Code platforms in the market and Jade Eli Technologies truly believes that it is well suited to empower organizations to deliver good software! With OutSystems you can deliver Native Mobile applications as well as Web based applications always using the same low-code methodology. Imagine what can be accomplish with a platform that has:

  • built in security
  • integrates with everything
  • great UX by default
  • error free deployment
  • massive scalability (available as SAAS & PAAS and on-prem)
  • realtime metrics

OutSystems brings the agile methodology to organizations and with the right training and mentoring your development teams will be able to meet your business’ time to market and at the same time migrate away from legacy systems. Rnterprise benefits will be realised on the first project! Jade Eli Technologies support your journey all the way from the very beginning through adoption to continuous delivery.